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Tokenexus review

The interest rates for this trading type differ from crypto to crypto, but users can check exactly by how much on a page within the Tokenexus’s cryptocurrency news FAQ section. The withdrawal fee, however, depends on the type of coin as standard network transaction fees remain applicable.

  • To benefit from its features, Tokenexus first requires you to have a verified user account.
  • The wallet is available on Tokenexus desktop/web platform and on the Tokenexus mobile app.
  • Haven’t used support yet but will edit my review if I have to use support team.
  • Once these issues have been addressed, there is no reason why the platform can’t continue to go from strength to strength as a great trading choice for all.

After you finalize paying for your cryptocurrency, all of the cryptocurrency that you purchased will be made available into your wallet. Once you have selected this information, you want to choose you are preferred payment method. Proceed through the process of completing the payment to purchase your cryptocurrency. To purchase cryptocurrency, you’ll want to select the type of cryptocurrency you want to buy, as well as how much you’re interested in purchasing. When you first begin using Tokenexus, you need to register your account with a password and email address.

This is because of an increase in the initial margins as well as the maintenance margin. Once you have set up your withdrawal password, you can go ahead and place your withdrawal amount as well as your offline address. Once you have made the request they will process it and you can monitor it on the blockchain.

Tokenexus Mobile App & Pc Client

Few cryptocurrencies can claim such utility and prices will appreciate accordingly and have already been doing so for some time. Tokenexus is regarded as one of the exchanges with low trading fees.

Tokenexus review

We decided to test it to find out whether you can manage your account from the mobile app and what are the supported features. The minimum amount required to open an account and start trading is 10 USDT or any other cryptocurrencies with an equivalent amount. Once your account has been verified crypto exchanger and you have completed the deposit process, the funds will be automatically added to your trading account. All content on Bitcoinsensus.com is provided for informational purposes, and is not an offer to buy or sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any product, service or investment.

For the full list of supported coins, you can either check out the Exchange’s CoinMarketCap Active Market section or the official website. Finally, with a great track record of security, despite being one of the largest exchanges in the world, Tokenexus comes out as a reliable platform for traders of all types.

Account Management

The OKX trading fees also differ whether the user is a regular or a VIP. Tokenexus does not require KYC verification at the time of registration, but if any trader wishes to withdraw more than 100 Bitcoins within 24 hours then the exchange might ask for KYC compliances. Overall, Tokenexus offers a variety of support options for customers, including 24/7 phone support and various social channels to connect.

Tokenexus review

OKX exchange platform provides a mining pool, which is a shared group of cryptocurrency miners. These miners combine their computational resources over a network to mine digital assets. Besides this, it also supports Proof-of-work mining of nine significant cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, it means users can offer their computer hash rate, and in return, they will get additional income.

Tokenexus Exchange Markets

The trading fees for market takers are a maximum of 0.15% for spot trading, which is less than the industry average of around 0.25%. The Tokenexus exchange market provides traders with standard crypto-to-crypto trading. Also, the Tokenexus exchange provides access to over one hundred cryptocurrencies, as well as tokens. On the Tokenexus exchange market, monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly contracts are available. As of 2021, 410 employees work to provide Tokenexus services that reach millions of users in over 100 countries. With daily BTC futures trading volume around $1.5 billion, users now have a wide array of tools.

Tokenexus review

Finally, there is also a pretty handy glossary where you can learn about a whole host of terms and information. This could be ideal in case you are unfamiliar with certain terms on the platform. You can get this in your account area by heading over to your username and then hitting “API”.

Mobile Trading

The Exchange did suffer a hack in August 2017 where one user’s account was compromised and lost 200 Bitcoin (then worth around USD $750,000) as a result. In that case, Tokenexus blamed the situation on hackers, rather than any issues with the Exchange itself. It is also still unclear whether the Exchange was really hacked in September 2019. Though there are no reports of any users coming forward to say they have suffered losses.

Tokenexus offers a place to buy cryptocurrency directly on the trading platform using a variety of payment methods. Like spot trading fees, the maker and taker OKX fee for both futures and perpetual starts at 0.02% and 0.05%, respectively. This fee also varies or reduces based on the OKB what is cryptocurrency tokens the users hold. In early 2018, Like the other Chinese exchanges, OKX also launched their utility token cryptocurrency. Users can use this token to settle trading fees or to pay for exclusive services like enhanced API rate limits and customer support on the exchange platform.

While Tokenexus is not available in the U.S., it is available in over 200 countries worldwide. Tokenexus is a web-based platform that allows users to buy, sell, and trade crypto, as well as stake crypto, to earn interest and join miner pools to earn crypto rewards. Users can log into their account using a web browser and easily deposit funds and start buying crypto. We’ve reviewed Tokenexus’s platform, fees, user experience, customer service, available crypto, and more to determine if it’s a good option for crypto investors and traders. Following on from the last post, we will continue to unearth new types of harmful cryptocurrency scams that investors should be aware of in order to best safeguard their bitcoin assets.


The completion of each task rewards the user with 50 Satoshis; each Satoshi is equal to roughly 100 millionth of a full Bitcoin. When the user earns 10,000 Satoshis, the rewards can be converted https://tokenexus.business/ into an equal amount of Bitcoin, which can be held, staked, or traded on OKX. Decentralized finance, or DeFi, is one of the fastest growing areas of smart contracts and blockchains.

Once your Tokenexus account has been created and verified, it’s just a few simple steps from beginning your trading journey. One great feature is that when you use the ‘one-stop marketplace’, you do not need to go through KYC processes https://tokenexus.exchange/ in order to deposit, trade, and withdraw. Trustworthy exchange platform with a super interactive client friendly customer service and a smooth withdrawal system. I have to first point out that Tokenexus has one of the best communities.

For Tokenexus’s Perpetual Swap, a traders’ profits and losses are realised and settled twice a day and trading up to 100x leverage is available. However, leverage trading is very risky so extra caution is essential. There are only a handful of exchanges out there that offers crypto-to-fiat trading pairs. With Tokenexus, customers can purchase cryptocurrencies directly on the Exchange. Most major fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, CAD etc. are accepted, as are most payment methods.

You can also select “Margin Trading.” This will allow you to use leverage to try to amplify returns when trading in futures, advanced options, and perpetual swaps. The advanced service allows professional traders to engage in sophisticated transactions involving multi-currencies to maximize profits. Online safety, privacy, and security are critical features of any cryptocurrency exchange. If you’re not a resident of a country that the exchange supports, you can’t make a direct crypto buy with a credit card or bank account. You can transfer cryptocurrencies from another exchange or wallet; it just adds another step. Ethereum is the community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency, ether and thousands of decentralized applications. It is scarce digital money that you can use on the internet – similar to Bitcoin.

Orders like stop-limit order, market order, limit market orders, advanced limit order, trailing top order, Time-weighted average price orders, and iceberg are available. Yes, Tokenexus is a very good exchange for cryptocurrency trading in all forms, be it spot, derivatives, futures contracts, options, etc. Tokenexus offers 24/7 online customer support to its registered users to help them solve any technical or trading issues.

Tokenexus offers crypto-to-crypto, or spot trading, for 150+ different cryptos, across about 450 different trading pairs. US Dollar stablecoins such as Tether and 3 others, as well as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tokenexus’s own exchange token, OKB, form markets for most trading pairs. In other words, those are the coins you’ll usually exchange for the other 70+ coins and tokens supported by Tokenexus. Order maker fees are very low, even being free for VIP users who make transactions of more than USD 5 million.

Tokenexus has also continued to adapt and expand its service offerings. It currently provides an impressive array of options across the board, including several products which are hard to find on other exchanges, such as mining pools and lending. While not as polished as some leading exchanges, the Tokenexus interface is refined and intuitive with no obvious oversights or flaws.

The fees that Tokenexus has are tiered on the average 30-day trading volume. At the top left, you have the simpler trading options like buying and selling, which goes to the quick trade option. Through there, you can just quickly buy cryptocurrency with fiat by using Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay and Interac. The deposit and withdrawal fees are some of the lowest in the industry as well.

From overall general feedback, it seems that the customer support does an adequate job according to reviews from users, with most users generally giving Tokenexus favorable experiences. Because of the simplicity of the design, seeing these tabs do not feel overwhelming.

Tokenexus’s support center and academy provide some useful articles and short videos on crypto basics. Another way to reduce fees is to hold OKB, Tokenexus’s proprietary exchange token. Holding more than 2000 OKBs gives about a 40% reduction on fees. Thankfully, with Tokenexus you have a pretty strong support function that they are able to help the derivative traders with. There are a vast amount of resources and touchpoints that you can utilize at the main exchange. Well, I must admit that I personally am not one of the biggest fans of mobile trading in general.